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Mordred sees Merlin’s heart break when no one else can. Established Merdred. Magic reveal.

Incomplete, but in-progress. This story is the perfect representation of Merdred fanfiction; it’s depressing, it’s dark, and it honestly makes you want to tear your spleen out and burn it in front of your eyes, because that pain would be less than the pain the story invokes. 

The author invokes a deep feeling of empathy from the reader to both Mordred and Merlin in such a way that you wonder if she’s controlling you. 

I’m horrible at writing recs, but I cannot rec this enough. 

 Arthur/OC. Alone and broken Breaga, a Druid, finds herself on the streets of Camelot struggling to hang on. She is being pursued, for she alone holds the spell that can save Odin’s son and sole heir. After being taken in by Merlin, Breaga trusts no one, but she begins to fall for Arthur, the only one that makes her feel safe, and faces a tough decision.

For three long years he suffered sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and pressure from the one he called friend. Turns out it was all a lie. The guy admitted to using Merlin for his own Pleasure. They had never been friends. Merlin vows never to love or trust again…Enter Arthur. (based on real life events. my counselor told me to write down what happen. I am. Using merlin fanfiction) please review.

Here’s an author I think you should try reading. 15 Merthur stories of all ratings for your perusal!

There’s an event being hosted on May 13th called Diamond Day - this is the first submission to the AO3 community.

There aren’t many situations that Gwaine can’t talk himself out of, but sometimes he finds himself tongue-tied. (Morgwaine)

On the day that Arthur Pendragon, Prince of Wales, begins receiving strange messages about magic and mythical creatures, he does what any sensible man might: assumes the Duchess of Edinburgh is having a laugh at his expense and moves on. But when the fog starts rolling in, and people start disappearing, Arthur begins to realise something might be off in his city. When evacuation becomes impossible, Arthur finds he must somehow team up with a peculiar junior doctor to set things to right. Unfortunately, Merlin and his friends aren’t the only ones trying to track down the prince and it is only a matter of time before the past overtakes them.

"Percival has always been a man of nature, most comfortable amongst trees instead of people."

Because there is an unhealthy lack of Merlin/Percival in your archives.

Merlin is confronted with Arthur’s unexpected feelings, after he struggles to deal with his own magical issues. When Arthur does not want to take no for an answer he finds out about Merlin’s secret. He abuses his position to try and win Merlin over.

Colin and Bradley are thrown for a loop when they find out that the script features a kissing scene between Merlin and Arthur.

PG13 for language, not sexual content.

Anonymous submitted:

"Was wondering if you could rec any fics where arthur is merlin's slave? Either canon or modern au bdsm :)"

Lie Back and Think of Camelot
The story starts as it is within the show, but then through some occurrence, Arthur lands into an AU where he is Merlin’s sex!slave. Merlin lives within Camelot, but is awarded a high position at court due to being a powerful sorcerer. Bonus points for a) Arthur not knowing about Merlin’s magic until then, b) Merlin being puzzled at Arthur’s sudden rebellion in bed, but being quite prepared to teach him a (kinky) lesson, c) Arthur enjoying it all in spite of himself, especially Merlin’s tendency to snuggle (I’d love it if Merlin had personality and control, but would also be a nice - fair - kind of guy, and much inclined to protect a mouthy!Arthur, because even in an alternate universe, they’re two sides of the same coin), d) including the bit where they return to the ‘normal’ state of affairs, and in spite of finally being in control of himself again, Arthur kind of misses the attention/care he received from Merlin.

Master and Slave (5 Part Series)
Summary: When at war with Camelot, Mercia captures a large quantity Camelot’s knights to keep hostage. As a reward, King Bayard gives Merlin, his Grand Court Sorcerer, a sex slave as a gift in the form of one of the captured knights, a beautiful, difficult young boy named Arthur.

Golden Prince
Arthur Pendragon knew nothing but the life of a slave, passed around the kings and nobles of the land at their whims, until he is claimed by a Dragonlord, Merlin, and something simple slowly gets increasingly complicated.



"Ahhhhh. It's finally open. Woooo. Anyway, do you where I can find Knight-centric fics? Ships don't really matter, or era. Just that it's more about the knights. Thanks! :D"

The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes
Summary: In which Arthur attempts to teach his knights, his knights attempt to woo Merlin and Arthur is definitely not jealous….

We Pull These Jobs To Make A Little Money
Summary: Arthur and his friends have been making their money this way for years. It’s all they know and they’re good enough to get away with it. Merlin grudgingly works in a bank, wishing his days away. Their worlds collide and everything changes.

Loaded March Series (Merthur centered, but knights have large role)
Summary: The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can’t keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everything he can to prove that Merlin isn’t good enough, either. Except he is.

dreams for wings and wanderers
Summary: Dragons are feared and mistrusted throughout Albion, and there are very few of them left in Camelot, for Uther’s long campaign against magic also included hunting down all the dragons in the wild. Now, Camelot is recovering from the invasion of Cenred and Morgause’s army. Prince Arthur is the one in charge, and Merlin finds out that his secret regular visits to the covert haven’t been very secret at all. There’s a great deal of manly bonding with the Knights, inquisitive dragons being inquisitive, and a record-breaking number of near-death experiences for Merlin. And this is before he gets his very own dragon. (A Merlin/Temeraire fusion.)

The Route to Advancement
Summary: New Knight hopeful, Percy, has been at Court four months, but it might be another four years before Prince Arthur stops calling him Perrin. That’s where Merlin comes in.

Learning The Rules
When someone new comes to court, it’s up to some of the more seasoned people in Camelot’s court to take them aside and explain a few rules…about Merlin.

You’re Sure of a Big Surprise 
Summary: There’s a magical beast, and there’s h/c (of course), and there’s Arthur being emotionally repressed, and there’s Lancelot being all noble. But mostly, it’s all about how much my id wishes it was Gwaine’s id.

Circle ‘round the Truth
They know about the magic. Or, more accurately, Merlin’s magic is the truth the knights circle around, and Merlin’s loyalty is the one ‘round which they rally. (A character study with some yelling, an action sequence, and a bit of walking.) Post-S4.

For the KMM prompt: Merlin is trapped in his apartment and the building is on fire. Smoke is quickly filling the small space and chocking out all the air, while flames and heat are consuming the place from the outside in. Arthur and his men the “knights” are firefighters. Arthur saves Merlin.

Merlin finds an unhealthy way to cope with his inexorable destiny. Trigger warning. Self-Harm. Whump. Takes place during S3. As of right now a one-shot, but could turn into more.

Modern magical AU. “If you had loved me—“ Merlin swallows as soon as he says the words, but he forces himself to continue, to go on and say it all, because he deserves to stop being haunted by memories and dreams can never have again. And Arthur has to hear it all. “If you had ever fucking loved me, you should have fought for me and not let your father dictate whether you could or couldn’t see me again.”