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"do you happen to know any good merlin/arthur fics with age difference? preferably modern au, the bigger the difference the better, but i am not picky, anything with an age difference will make me happy. thank you :)"

Where I End And You Begin (The Sky Is Falling In)

Summary:In which Merlin is Arthur’s best friend’s younger brother.

A Fortunate Fall

Summary:Single father Arthur Pendragon, at the end of his rope, finds a miracle in the form of a young cashier boy at the local convenience store. As for Merlin, he’s not quite sure about what to make of his new job as an au pair for the wealthiest man in town; but he does know that his employer has more than a few skeletons in his closet.

How We Swallow the Sun

Summary:Merlin was just sixteen when he met his best mate’s new stepdad, Arthur Pendragon.

Stop Watching

Summary:Merlin has two goals: the Olympics and Arthur

The Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Summary:At sixteen, Merlin had been gangly and awkward and nothing but the cook’s son to his crush: carefree playboy Gwaine Debois. When he returned to England after a couple of years away, he was delighted and surprised to catch Gwaine’s interest. But the course of true love never did run smooth and Arthur, Gwaine’s business-focused cousin had an agenda of his own and Merlin was standing in his way.

Of Essays And Destiny

Summary:When Arthur’s English Literature essay tanks, thus endangering his further stay at Oriel College, Oxford, he’s given an option. D. Phil student Merlin Emrys is to tutor him. What a reluctant Arthur hasn’t reckoned with is his budding attraction to his new tutor.

All In The Timing

Summary:Merlin and company have been reborn over and over, but things aren’t quite the same this time around.

An Issue of Mind Over Matter

Summary:Where Arthur is older than Merlin maybe 30/18 and Merlin doesn’t tell Arthur that he’s still a virgin, because he fears that Arthur wouldn’t have had sex with him. But soon Arthur realizes that something is wrong with Merlin with the way the boy is making noises of deep destress when Arthur’s pushing inside of him.

Secret Fanboys to the Rich And Famous

Summary:Summary: Arthur is a famous actor/ singer/ whatever in his late 20s or early 30s, known for being bisexual and having numerous partners. Merlin is an 18 year old fanboy who adores Arthur. They meet and try to keep their relationship secret knowing that if the press were to find out they would go wild of Arthur dating a twink more than ten years younger than him.

Destiny’s Blossom

Summary:King Arthur claims the clueless (neighboring court) sorceror Merlin for his own. Arthur is in his thirties when Merlin is sixteen-ish.


Summary:Executive/CEO!Arthur (in his thirties or older) somehow notices a 15yo!Merlin (intern? employee’s son?) wearing a purity/virginity ring. He becomes obsessed with seducing Merlin.

Accusations Fly

Summary:New in town, relationship shy Arthur Pendragon meets Merlin Emrys and gets more than he bargained for. Is he setting himself up for a fall; or will the course of true love run smooth for once?

Best I Can

Summary:It’s not a secret that Mr. Pendragon is the most desired guy—man, really—in the whole school, by both girls and boys, but Merlin feels extremely lucky because rumor has it that the gorgeous teacher is gay.

Keep My Close

Summary:“We need to convince Arthur to break up with Merlin,” Gwaine said.

When I Find You

Summary:“Look, I don’t know how to do this.” The kid starts. “But I found you on the internet. Your ad said you were good, so— whatever, just take a seat or something, please.” He opens the door wider and gestures towards the sofa.

Stronger Than A Man

Summary:Arthur Pendragon has the perfect life.

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