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"Do you know of any fics where Arthur & Merlin or Bradley & Colin get married? They're always so sweet. :D Thanks!

Oh, and I have I told you today how much I love you guys? :P"

We don’t do RPF, but here’s some A/M!

The star to every wandering bark
When Uther arranges his son’s marriage, Arthur discovers his intended spouse is not only a sorcerer but a man. This is a bit of shock for straight Prince Arthur - and no less of a shock for his fiancé, straight Prince Merlin of Cenredia.

When the Leaves are in Full Bloom
Uther made some magical deal to get igrain but the payment was that Arthur would marry the prophesied Emrys. After magic is outlawed Uther forgets about the deal until when Arthur comes of age Druids walk into Camelot dragging Merlin behind them. [AU]

A Marriage of Equals
King Arthur does a Henry VIII and legalises gay marriage. [Crack]

Magic, Marriage and Mayhem
Uther warns Arthur about his dalliance with his servant, and reminds him that Camelot will need an heir. Well, it looks like that’s not a problem any more.

With This Ring
After being enchanted, Uther forces Arthur and Merlin to marry.

To Have and To Hold
“So who are you going to marry?” Uther demanded. “No idea, father,” Arthur replied. Uther thwacked his glove loudly on the arm of the throne. “Then it’ll have to be Morgana!” Arthur looked horrified. “Morgana – no way, father! I’d rather marry Merlin!”

I think you might enjoy these. Thanks for all the anon love!

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