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"Sick or injured Merlin with Arthur looking after him or saving him, please? ♥"

Delirium and a worried Arthur

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
In which Merlin gets ill and accidentally reveals his magic.

The Definition of A Life Saved
They floated in front of him like butterflies.

The Easiest Thing
When an inadvertent spell changes Merlin from the inside out, Arthur must face Camelot’s latest threat alone – and unravel the mystery of Merlin, or else risk losing him forever.

A New Low
Diabetic Merlin stuck in a lift with Arthur

Loss, and the Finding
The ring is cold and heavy, and there is blood, smeared and dry, along the crest.

When All Is Said And Done
Arthur is sent to observe the therioscopic department when a drug breakthrough seems imminent, only to find that one of his employees is hiding a startling number of secrets. 

Let Sleeping Sorcerers Lie
Merlin finds the whole thing horribly ridiculous. He’s not even that sick.

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