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"It's open! I want to thank you for having this amazing blog, I have found so many good fics from here! Anyways, I was wondering if you have any canon era fic with Arthur/Merlin where Merlin is badly hurt or injured and Arthur has to mend him or something along those lines. Longer fics would be good. And also including the knights, if you can find any. Thanks!"

Don’t climb Trees When You’re not Using Your Magic
While hunting Merlin tries to be useful by climbing on a tree to get some fruits. But he falls and Arthur has to look after him for all the way home to Camelot, trying to make him comfortable.

When the cold of winter comes
Arthur puts Merlin in the stocks, but whoever is responsible for releasing him at the end of the day either forgets, chooses not to, etc and Merlin is stuck in the stocks past dark in the cold/rain/etc. Arthur realizes that Merlin is missing and tracks him down, then warms him up in the royal bed.

A harsh scream emanated from behind the gigantic rocks that had just fallen. A cry that sounded exactly like Merlin’s.

“I’m a soldier, Merlin. I’ve been training to defend myself all my life. You’re my servant, not my bodyguard, it isn’t your job to protect me.”

Vengeance, nemesis.

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