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"Any Merlin/Arthur reincarnation fics where they remember their time in Camelot (it could be right away, or maybe only one of them remembers at first). Thank you in advance!"

These are all pretty long so they should keep you busy for a while!

I Keep Going Over the World We Knew (Over and Over)
When Merlin Emrys is sent on a ‘round-the-world assignment, he begins remembering a life of magic, dragons, and kings. To make matters worse, a strange woman starts stalking him along the way. And that’s before he even meets Arthur Pendragon, whose answer to climate change is going to save the world. Because apparently just saving Britain won’t be enough this time around.

The War Is Over And We Are Beginning
A second life – a second chance, if Merlin can find a way to make Arthur, Gwen and Morgana remember the first one. Featuring coffee shops, dinner parties, prophecies, and four people trying desperately to deal with the fallout from Camelot.

Forever Love (The Round Table Remix)
This is your typical, run-of-the-mill, totally average reincarnation (immortality included!) story…except it’s not. Arthur is immortal with a time limit hanging over his head. M. Emerson Gray is the latest rebirth without a clue. Except Emerson does have a clue, eccentricities, and a kickass store. Merlin is trapped in mirrors and remains very sarcastic. Lawrence is totally awesome but gets kidnapped. Galahad is having number-gasms. The knights get plastered and bemoaned the long lost days when they didn’t have to meddle in homoerotic love affairs. And Arthur? Arthur is just socially awkward and adorable. This is the story of two men falling in love while knowing the truth about the other (even if the other doesn’t know they know). The question is can they do it in the midst of craziness, crossdressing, and colossal insecurities? Well yes, they can. But the ride to the beginning of it all is heaps better than the story of the relationship itself. [Haven’t read]

Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death
Tony O does not befriend losers. Tony O is not gay, not crazy, he is not particularly nice and he is most definitely not royalty. Destiny disagrees.

journey into the interior
Arthur is reincarnated in the modern day and on his coming of age day remembers everything immediately and seeks out Merlin. Merlin, however, has been keeping himself alive/reincarnating himself with magic, with the consequence being that he slowly loses his memory of who he used to be. So he knows he’s been alive a long, long time, and that he was waiting for something, but he can’t remember what. And since he can’t remember and felt like he had no purpose, he became a sex worker. Arthur shows up and he thinks he’s just another client.

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