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"Hey! Just wondering if there are any angst Merlin fics, no slash just friendship. No gay pairings. Just LOTS of Merlin angst. (I love him hurt^.^) And maybe just give me the tag for all of them? Or make one if you don't already have one? (Sorry if I sound pushy, I just want A LOT of Merlin angst) I'm in that kind of mood:D"

We have an angst tag but it does not differentiate between pairings. Tags for the whole post are now listed at the bottom of each post, so if you check each post for the tag “gen” those are likely to not include slash or any pairings.

A Noble Lie
The best lies are always at least partially true.

Eyes Still Burning
Arthur and Merlin are out hunting, and having left the Knights behind, things cannot end well.

The Pledge
A druid camp is captured and so, to save Arthur from making a terrible choice, Merlin makes a pledge. [I don’t know if this quite fits but it’s a great fic]

The Amulet of Avalon
Merlin is severely injured after a grappling duel with Blais, a ruthless sorcerer. He recovers the mysterious Amulet of Avalon from the clutches of evil and returns to Camelot. Wounded and bleeding profusely, will Merlin survive his injuries? [Long WIP]

An Act of Revenge
When a vengeful and grieving Morgana kidnaps Hunith, Merlin will do anything to save his mother. When Arthur tags along, it becomes difficult to keep his secret. [Long WIP]

They Would Be Heroes
Following a bout of illness Merlin has been temporarily left without his magic. Together the arrogant prince and his clumsy manservant must face an unknown danger—leaving one terrified friend willing to do anything to save the other.

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