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Anonymous submitted:

"Hey! I don't know if you got my request before (just redirect me to it if you did) but do you know of any A/M fics in which they are both teenage/underage-ish and exploring their bodies and the idea of sex for the first time together? There doesn't have to be any actual sex - I just want a lot of curiosity and childish innocence whilst they're touching each other's bodies, trying to figure out what goes where and what feels good - something a bit like that fic "Candied Ginger." Thank you!"

(Nope, didn’t get your request before! I guess tumblr ate it :|) Because of your reference to Candied Ginger I’m going to assume you mean you want Arthur/Morgana fics, but typically when you see just the initials A and M it will be associated with Merlin and Arthur. So I hope I’ve interpreted this right!

All my searches just kept turning up “Candied Ginger,” unfortunately. I think for as much as FYMFF likes to read Arthur/Morgana, this is really so very little written that I am hard pressed to find the interesting requests like this one. The closest I could get was:

Under the Willow Tree
Arthur reminisces about childhood memories he shared with Morgana and realizes just how many things he wished he’d told her before it was too late.

Which has some formatting issues and is not anything nearing explicit, but at least addresses the topic of being childhood lovers. Sorry I don’t have more for you! If anyone thinks of a good match, please let us know.

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