Summary: After they have been captured to be sold as slaves, and before waking up in the hole, some of the prisoners start to take advantage of both Arthur and Merlin while still being drugged. When Arthur wakes first he tries to shield Merlin’s body with his own, but they’re too many, until Gwaine gets through and saves the day.

Mod: I love a good H/C, this was short and sweet.

Summary: Morgana had a habit of getting Merlin into scrapes of one sort or another. But introducing him to her brother, Arthur, may have just set in motion the most eventful one yet.

Mod: Cute little romcom.

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cristopherpike submitted:

"Thank you! I've been looking for Good News (is on the way) for ages."

Glad I could help!

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"This is going to sound so wrong.

I'm looking for Uther/Arthur incest fics, preferably with a healthy side order of Merthur. If you've got any Merthur fics where Arthur was abused as a child, that's brilliant too.


I’m surprised I don’t have a pairing tag for this! Here you go, there’s a combination of both.

Royal Treatment
Uther wants to make sure there are no little bastard Pendragons running around, so he regularly bends Arthur over to milk him dry. At first, Merlin is content to watch, but eventually he decides that he wants inside Arthur’s perfect arse as well. Arthur is more than happy to go along with that…

Your Own Endless Shame
Uther is attracted to Arthur because of his close resemblance to Igraine but is horrified at himself and keeps his urges in check. Arthur and Merlin are sleeping together but when a spell causes Merlin and Uther to switch bodies, Uther sees his chance to finally have what he’s been craving without Arthur ever knowing.

Uther gives Arthur a bath or vice versa, Naughtiness may or may not ensue, Bonus points if Uther is still wearing his gloves.

When Merlin finds out Arthur likes young children he’s horrified, but can deny his king nothing—and so he finds a spell to temporarily give him the form of a child for whenever Arthur needs to slack his lusts. [Past-Arthur/Uther abuse, nonexplicit]

The Protector
Uther sexually abused Arthur when he was a little child. Arthur was too young to remember it, but (now) every now and then he gets the feeling that something isn’t right. Merlin finds out/figures it out somehow. [WIP]

"Can I just say how much I love this blog? When I'm scrolling through my dash I just like all your recs that sound interesting to me and then go back and read them when I'm done or have some time on my hands.
It's just so wonderful.
<3 <3 <3"

Danke! :D Glad we can keep you (and hopefully everyone else) interested in Merlin fic!

Anonymous submitted:

"I was looking for a Merthur fic where Arthur is older than Merlin and Hunith rents out rooms in their house and Arthur stays there. He leaves and then meets Merlin many years later when Merlin is in a band. I can't find it and it's driving me crazy!"

Why I do believe you’re looking for

Good News (is on the Way)
Arthur, a travelling businessman, decides to rent a room with the Wyllt family while in town. Hunith is charmed. Her son, Merlin, is not.


acousticsongs submitted:

"Hi! I was wondering if you had any Merthur fics where Merlin is abused/bullied? Not by Arthur, but by others, maybe even his family? Thanks in advance!"

Some of these are sexual abuse, which is non-con and possibly more explicit than you intended. I noted those, just in case.

And he takes and he takes
They get together somehow, but unbeknownst to Arthur, Merlin isn’t long out of an emotionally abusive relationship.

Do You Confess
Story goes AU during The Witchfinder. After Aredian forces the confession from Gaius, he’s determined to get one from Merlin as well. Arthur comes to his rescue. [noncon]

The Greatest Show on Earth!
A traveling circus arrives in Camelot and Arthur visits the sideshow for a special attraction: A sex show starring a magical creature fucking an imprisoned young sorcerer. [noncon, Merlin/Creature, Arthur is in it but it doesn’t continue on to developing any relationship. Still, I thought you mind find it interesting]

When Arthur accidentally sees Merlin completely naked, he notices scars on Merlin’s body. It’s clear Merlin has been abused. Arthur wants to hunt down and kill the person responsible, but Merlin needs Arthur to care for him more than he needs revenge. Anon would love to see Arthur looking for non-sexual ways to love Merlin, because he knows he’s not ready.

The two thugs who cornered Merlin in the armory… “I don’t care if you use your tongue!” [noncon]

Our Ungodly Hour
Merlin is stuck in an abusive relationship, he meets Arthur and they become friends, Arthur finds out and tries to help.

this too shall pass
Merlin is an abuse survivor and has never told Arthur. When they get serious, Merlin struggles with confessing it all.

A Tale of Sound and Fury
What if Aredian ignored Gaius’ attempt to save Merlin from interrogation by taking the blame for the ”magic bracelet”. And  Merlin is dragged away to Aredian’s chambers. [noncon]

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"Any good fics of Merlin and Arthur 'making love?' I just read Feel Your Pain by myashke and it was really sweet. I'd like to read a few more if you have any suggestions."

I hope these are what you wanted. You could also search the archive for “fluff” and I bet you’ll find a lot of others you’d like.

Treason, Love, Magic
Merlin discovers that Arthur has recklessly gone off to fight a monster on his own – so Merlin follows him, desperate to make sure he’s all right. As emotions run high following the confrontation, all Merlin’s secrets are revealed.

Bathed in Moonlight
Merlin wearing Arthur’s coat. Chivalrly offered in a moment of great cold, after a night of lovey-dovey ‘cause it’s the first piece of clothing found.

I’d Catch a Grenade for You
Rain was falling outside, sending rivulets down the windows and sending patterns across the chink of moonlight. Merlin felt his heart thudding awkwardly, a lump in throat at just the sight of Arthur sleeping.

Standing on the Edge of Something
Arthur’s in love with Merlin. He thinks, hopes, maybe, possibly Merlin likes him too. Now he’s just got to work on what comes next. 

Anonymous submitted:

"Are there any fics that involve Merlin being kidnapped or taken away or lost during a ride with Arthur and Arthur dealing with losing Merlin and realizing he needs him? And then he finds him and apologizes to Merlin for the mean things he has said/done to him."

I have a few that might fit.

Wishes are for Children
Arthur and Merlin are kidnapped. To get away Merlin will have to seduce the man that hold them prisoner. 

Royal Obligations (of Stupidity)
Constantly getting kidnapped by bandits was just one of the many perks of being Court Sorcerer of Camelot. 

Merlin and Arthur are kidnapped by bandits seeking ransom.  When Merlin is assaulted by a guard, he’s forced to use his magic in front of Arthur.

Ransoming Emrys
A band of renegade druids that know how much the legendary “Emrys” is worth to certain people have decided to auction him off to the highest bidder. How far will Arthur go to get him back, especially when Merlin’s secret is revealed? [WIP]

Hope those work!

Anonymous submitted:

"Do you know of any fics where Arthur cries in front of Merlin and Merlin is there to console him? Or the other way around?"

I hope these fit what you wanted.

Arthur’s only seen the funny looking skinny kid from upstairs a few times, but he hears him crying late at night through the vent that runs through both of their bedrooms. And sometimes, he can hear the kid’s stepfather sneak into the kid’s room and hurt him. Arthur’s dad tells him to mind his own business, but Arthur can’t lie awake at night and listen to it any more. So one night, when he hears the skinny kid sobbing, he puts his face up to the vent and says “Hey, do you need some help?”

The Tears We Cry
Merlin takes care of a distraught/traumatised Arthur after talking him down from killing Uther.

Shared Comfort
Arthur spends a long, excruciating night trying to pass a kidney stone. Merlin is the only one he allows in his chambers during the ordeal. It takes hours before it finally comes out. Lots of sweating, crying, vomiting Arthur, caring and patient Merlin tending to him and soothing him the best he can. Exhausted boys curled up together as the sun rises.

The Long Way Home
Arthur is grieving for his father and when Merlin hears him crying in the middle of the night he climbs into bed with him to comfort him. [Incomplete]

Allium Alibi
Teary!Arthur and comforting!Merlin [Fluffy, non h/c]

Fire Warm, Prince Pratty
Arthur comforting Merlin.

Merlin, a recent rape victim, has to go through a TSA aggressive pat-down in an airport when a Backscatter screening machine malfunctions. He makes it through the rest of security and gets to his gate, only to breakdown in the terminal from the experience. Arthur, also pissed off with the new security measures, comforts him.

The Next Life
Merlin weeps, and Arthur comforts him.

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ahundredteas submitted:

"I'm looking for an Arthur + Guinevere fic where Gwen gets a drink accidentally spilled on her and Arthur lets her use his bathtub. It's rated PG-13. Do you have the link, please? If you don't that's totally cool :)"

Sorry, I’ve been looking but I just can’t find it. :( If anyone else recognizes it, please let us know! But otherwise, if you remember any other details (what site you read it on, other parts of the plot, keywords, etc) please send them in and I’ll keep looking.

Summary: In which Merlin is in disguise, and not happy about it.

Mod: Cross dressing for justice! Arthur makes Merlin dress up as a girl for the ball so he can spy on the women who gossip about Arthur. May have rec’d this before, but it’s likely been a while anyway.

Summary: A Merlin/Arthur wherein Arthur actually adapts quite well to Merlin’s magic disclosure.

Mod: Merlin and Arthur are trapped in the woods in the winter. Arthur’s injured and Merlin has little choice but to use their magic to keep them alive through the night. As promised, a nonchalant reveal, which is a nice change of pace sometimes.

Summary: Gwen’s never eaten in a sushi bar before… something is bound to go wrong…

Mod: Cute set of small disasters making for an entertaining evening.